Webinar on the status-quo of energy performance certification in Europe


Start: 13:30:00

Catalysing the EU Renovation Wave in the transition to the next-generation Energy Performance Certificates

Three Horizon 2020 projects, QualDeEPC, U-Cert and X-tendo will come together in this webinar to present the issues related to current EPC schemes in Europe and the potential solutions to shift from just an informative tool to a multifaceted tool supporting all stakeholders in the value chain e.g. call-to-action, quality assurance. After an introduction on the scope of each project, the presentations will deep-dive into an overview of the common hurdles of EPC schemes across Europe, such as limited reliability, lack of compliance and end-user acceptance. The webinar will then conclude with the specific solutions brought forward by each of the three projects.


  • 13:30 Welcome and introduction
  • 13:45 X-tendo, QualDeEPC and U-CERT – projects background
  • 14:00 Energy Performance Certificate schemes across Europe: common challenges
  • 14:15 Energy Performance Certificate schemes across Europe: specific solutions by each project
  • 14:40 Q&A
  • 14:55 Conclusions
  • 15:00 End

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