CIT Energy Management offers a unique competence in the areas of energy efficiency and indoor climate in buildings. We have knowledge and experience of all types of buildings, from blocks of flats to the most advanced laboratories and clean rooms. Together with our customers, we identify the best and most long-term energy solutions and secure the indoor climate that the operation demands.

Our services are used both during the planning phase of new buildings and in the operation or rebuilding of existing buildings. We also assist public authorities and other clients with expert knowledge in different investigations and analyses. Many of our customers are involved in the building process – purchasers, architects, constructors and building contractors – or in the administration stage – property owners, operational organisations and users.


CIT Energy Management has its origins in Chalmers University of Technology, in Gothenburg. The company was founded in 1989 with the aim of applying our extensive knowledge, experience and research experience to the development of practical and useable methods that are of benefit for businesses and commerce.

Business idea

Only a few companies are in a position to have true specialist knowledge about improving energy efficiency and indoor climate collected together under their own roof. All companies though, regardless of size, have the opportunity to gain access to this knowledge through a collaboration with CIT Energy Management. Together, we can find operationally secure and cost-effective solutions.

Practical experience and theoretical expertise
Our deep practical experience, together with our extensive theoretical expertise, enables us to offer our customers tailor-made, comprehensive solutions that optimise energy performance and improve the indoor climate.

A focus on benefit to the customer
Satisfied customers are our lifeblood and most of our assignments result in continued and deepened collaboration with our customers. Together, we develop cost effective solutions for improved energy efficiency and the right indoor climate.

Our business

CIT Energy Management combines theoretical expert knowledge with extensive practical experience in the areas of indoor climate and energy use in buildings. This forms the basis of our ability, in collaboration, to develop appropriate energy management systems and to find cost effective solutions that provide low energy use and the right indoor climate. With a well-tested and systematic approach to problem solving, we also offer the expertise for finding effective solutions to problems with indoor climate.

Quality efforts

The quality efforts of CIT Energy Management is based on the guidelines developed by SIQ (the Swedish Institute for Quality).  The quality efforts of the company includes:

  • always having the needs of the customer at the forefront,
  • carrying out assignments so that the greatest benefit to the customer is achieved,
  • maintaining the highest possible quality regarding the work performance of every individual colleague,
  • continuously working to improve and develop the quality of work carried out in the company,
  • using the quality documentation as a support in the activities of the company,
  • every colleague being conversant with the current quality documentation.

The environment
CIT Energy Management works to ensure that environmental considerations are included as an important parameter in all decision making in order to meet the needs and wishes of the customer and of society regarding environmental friendliness. CIT Energy Management thus strives to take environmental aspects into consideration in carrying out assignments and in its internal operations, among other ways by:

  • using environmentally-friendly products, services and transport,
  • developing and applying routines for purchases and disposal so that environmental concerns are included,
  • working actively to achieve a reduced use of energy and resources,
  • practicing recycling and waste separation to the greatest possible extent,
  • informing and engaging all colleagues in our environmental policy and in our environmental efforts.

An important area of operations for CIT Energy Management is improving the energy efficiency of the customer. Reduced energy use leads to a direct reduction in energy needs, as any energy that is not used does not need to be provided. Thus, with few exceptions, a reduction in energy needs brings about a direct reduction in emissions and in other environmental disturbances associated with energy provision. In this way, efforts to improve the environment become a natural consequence of the daily work at CIT Energy Management.